Trauma-informed somatics for healing because…

your body is intelligent, your body is your guide, your body is a healer.

Your body has the innate capacity to regulate and heal itself, and it strives for homeostasis. Our job is not to fix it but to help restore its resilience. This way, your nervous system can return to its natural state of flow capable of withstanding stress, while your body can come back to a healthy, restful state.

If we haven’t met before…

Elena Jacinta - Back to your Body - trauma-informed somatic practitioner

Welcome, I’m Elena Jacinta!


I help sensitive people find relief and healing from chronic stress and trauma through Somatic Experiencing – a body-oriented therapeutic approach developed by Dr Peter Levine.

Because it’s not all in your head. It’s also in your body.

Here’s what I offer:

Trauma-Informed Somatics for Healing

Trauma-informed = safe & sensitive to trauma.

Somatic = body-oriented.

Somatic Experiencing sessions online


Hypervigilance, insomnia, tension, numbness and persistent fatigue are just some of the common signs of chronic stress and trauma that I work with. In my Somatic Experiencing sessions, I’ll help you befriend your body and your nervous system so you can finally relax, calm the emotional chaos, feel lighter in your body and have more energy.

I work gently and safely, creating a supportive space for healing to unfold in its own time. 

"I came to the session frazzled, stressed and ungrounded. So I greatly appreciated Elena's calm, non-judgmental and soothing energy. She helped me sense into my body and get grounded. It was a very eye-opening experience, bringing me closer to myself."
Montreal, Canada
"Elena is one of the rare practitioners who does really good Somatic Experiencing without mixing too much into it. She helps me get out of my head and into my experience of the present moment. After sessions with her I consistently feel more like the person I want to be, more connected to my sense of resourcefulness and my appreciation of beauty. Elena has what I'd call a nourishing sense of discipline. She helps me make progress in our sessions without it feeling like she's pushing me. She's pretty great at what she does."
Seattle, USA